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The most important advantages of the PlatformsFx system to your clients

منصة حديثة ذات تصميم عصري مريح وسريع الاستجابة ، تتيح لك الشاشة الرئيسية منحنى أسعار السلع والأسهم وأسعار العملات الأجنبية والرقمية في الوقت الفعلي ، مع العديد من أدوات التداول التي تتيح لك للعملاء معرفة اتجاهات السوق وتساعدك على اتخاذ القرار الصحيح القرارات والعديد من الأدوات لإدارة الصفقات والسحوبات والودائع.

The main control screen has Four main features


Market price curve box in real time

It provides you with real-time foreign exchange, stock, commodity and currency prices, with real-time updates and variations. This fund is a multifunctional tool of great importance to the trader, enabling him to know the conditions of global financial markets to make sound decisions.


Bid and ask price box in real time

It contains three main sections (Global Couples Prices / Stock Prices / Digital Currency Pairs Prices). In each section there is a table with three columns (symbol - bid price - ask price) on a foreign currency pair, the stock of a company, or the digital currency pair.


Buying and selling box

You can define profit points and loss stops, and specify the opening and closing points of deals under specific conditions and automatically. Through a pull-down menu you can choose the foreign or digital currency pair, the stock or commodity you want to trade and set it to work automatically without your intervention.


Trading schedule and control of transactions

Each trade is recorded in a separate table, where the trading table contains many important columns, symbol (currency pair, commodity), movement type, share or trading margin, profit and stop loss points, the opening price of the deal, the current ratio, profit and loss. In addition to modifying the trading process (setting profit points and stopping loss), keeping the update, and the ability to close the deal or close all deals. The pending orders section that was not opened due to the failure to fulfill the condition of opening the deal, and the closed deals section.

Trader Profile (Client)

Traders can amend their account data

Profile picture

First & Last Name

Phone number




Table of financial transactions made on the account

The table of financial movements provides a report that contains several columns which are (serial movement number / account number / movement value / movement status / movement type / transaction history).

Withdrawal requests

Through this section, you can submit a withdrawal request for a specific amount, and upon sending the request, an email for the withdrawal request will arrive at the company’s email and a copy of the confirmation of receipt request for the trader’s email.process will completed within twenty-four hours from the date of submitting the request.