Frequently Asekd Question

01. What is the Forex Market ?

The forex market is a market or setting used by millions of traders 24 hours a day worldwide to continuously buy, sell, and speculate on currencies. The most common participants are central banks, investment firms, commercial companies, retail foreign exchange traders, foreign exchange brokers, and small businesses.


The forex market today is the largest and most volatile financial market in the world as transactions of trillions of dollars are taking place every day. 

02. How to starting your own Forex Brokerage Company ?

First off, you need to research which target country (or countries) you want to focus on that suits you and your business best.


Once you find out where your customers will be coming from, you can start studying the licensing requirements needed to register your company.


 Keep in mind, usually opening your forex company outside your country is more conducive because tax and legal regulations are simplified for the short and long term run of your business.


 For instance, the Caribbean Island is well known for registering forex brokerage firms because its tax free and has minimal regulatory demands. Therefore, research which jurisdiction could benefit you the most and when you’re ready take the first vital step with us.  

03. What are the basic steps for establishing a trading company?

After conducting the necessary research and the target country, you should create a business plan by defining short and long-term strategies to implement in your business, in addition to the company’s mission and vision, competitors, the amount of necessary capital, expenditures, and target markets.


Then determine the initial capital size for your Forex company to start covering expenses for a period of 6 months to a year.


Then selecting reliable payment service providers, choosing a company that provides technology solutions and smart Forex systems to work on creating your website, providing you with trading platforms and a CRM system to manage your business and relationships with your clients and implement all necessary mergers.


And then choose your site on the default on the Internet and your local site, and choose your team and work to employ it and then launch your project at the right moment with an effective marketing campaign that makes a fuss about your new project.

05. What are the costs for my brokerage trading platforms?
We provide several price packages appropriate for your Forex company size, including basic business plans and business plans for small businesses, and complete business plans for medium and large companies.


Through commercial packages, an integrated set of requirements for designs, trading tools, and electronic systems needed to manage your business is determined, in addition to the commercial and marketing services needed to launch your business.


Through this, a specific and appropriate price is set for all available and available commercial packages. To know the package prices, you must submit a request for quotation after reviewing our work plans.

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