Client Area Software for Traders

We provide you with a program dedicated to the clients of your trading company, on all tablets and desks, enabling your clients to monitor their balances, credit and the liquidity available to them. In addition to linking the main screen to the global platform MetaTrader 5 | MT5, providing reports on trading operations, making all withdrawals and deposits, seeing the latest economic news, and downloading all the trading platforms that we provide to our clients from trading companies.

The most prominent advantages of the Traded Customer Area Program

First: Dashboard

The main control screen has three main features:

- The main control screen has three main features:

  • The program shows the most important basic data of the trader or client account which is (account balance / margin / available margin / credit / margin level / liquidity) in addition to the account status in terms of completing the account verification requirements and the trader's identity.

- Currency chart tool

  • The program provides the curve of foreign exchange rates, digital currencies and stocks, so that the graph is an important tool for the trader to make sound decisions regarding his trading operations.

- Fund of Indices, Commodities and Currency Pairs

  • This fund contains daily renewable data and statistical indicators that the trader relies on opening and closing deals, in the form of columns, showing the current value of the item, the value of the change, the percentage of change, the points of opening and closing, the highest and lowest value, in addition to the previous closing point.

Second: Trading Section

Contains a table with a summary of trades in the form of rows and columns, showing:

- Process ID

- operation number

- Open Time

- Type of operation

- The size

- code

- price

- Closing Price

- Exchange

- Profit

- Find a process

- Review all operations

Third: Financial Transactions Section

Table of financial transactions made on the account:

  • The table of financial movements from withdrawals and deposits provides a report that contains several columns (movement number / transaction date / amount / condition / type of transaction).
  • Fourthly: Withdrawal And Deposit Requests

  • Through this section, you can submit a withdrawal or deposit request for a specific amount by Credit Card or Bank Transfer, and upon sending the request, an email for the withdrawal or deposit request will arrive at the company’s email and a copy of the confirmation of receipt request for the trader's email. Process will completed within twenty-four hours from the date of submitting the request.
  • Fifth: trading platforms

  • This section contains the best global trading platforms with the ability to download or access them directly through a trader's account:
  • The most available trading platforms:

    - The Global Platform MetaTrader 5 - MT5

    • The MetaTrader 5 platform is designed to trade Forex and CFDs. With MetaTrader 5, traders can analyze financial markets, execute advanced trading operations, trading robots and run (expert advisors) and copy other traders' deals.

    - Android application

    • The trading platform for Android will accompany you everywhere and anytime as the application contains the services and tools needed for financial markets and economic analyzes to provide you with an excellent trading environment on all Android smart devices, tablets and mobile.

    - IOS App

    • It allows forex trading anytime anywhere. You can analyze the prices of different currency pairs and conduct commercial operations, even while on vacation on Mac and iPhone devices.

    - WebTrader Platform

    • It allows you to start trading from your favorite browser with just two clicks. You can use any browser and operating system. All you need is an internet connection, and it works responsively on all desktop, smart, tablet and mobile devices.

    Sixth: Economic Calendar

  • This unique and preferred tool provides many traders with the latest global economic news that includes (expectations / positive effects / previous effects) from Monday to Friday, also the feature of showing the currency or commodity that has been affected positively or negatively by the new global economic news.
  • Seventh: Trader Profile (Client)

    Traders can amend their account data:

    - His profile picture

    - First & Last Name

    - Phone number

    - Email

    - Country

    - Birthdate

    - Password

    - Attach files and documents

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