MT5 Global Platform

We provide you with a deliberate account on the global MT5 platform, which is a multi-asset trading platform that traders and investors from all over the world choose to trade in foreign currencies, CFDs, all instruments traded on the exchange and futures contracts. The platform provides advanced drawing and trading tools as well as automated trading options.

The most prominent advantages MT5 Platform

First: Analytical capabilities

  • The platform has high capabilities to display technical analysis and technical indicators in the form of flexible interactive charts.
  • Second: The world's most powerful trading platform

  • The MetaTrader platform is the most powerful trading platform in the world for using competitive spreads, in addition to its high technical capabilities
  • Third: Easy to use and access

  • You can access your account on the platform from anywhere and at any time, it is build to work on all browsers and on Android and iPhone devices, that is, it works on all desktop, tablet and smart mobile devices.
  • Fourth: Guardian Angel software

  • It is a tool dedicated to providing feedback to traders on their trading operations, which helps them to improve their decisions and performance in trading on the platform, and is considered an important tool in managing trading risks.
  • Fifth: Automated trading

  • The platform provides a program that allows the trader to trade automatically and programmed without using the manual trading process, in order to achieve the highest levels in the trading process, the trader can copy analyzes or show complete strategies, and therefore he enjoys the experience and knowledge of successful traders.
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