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We are the leading forex technology provider, offering clients worldwide access to our own Broker Solutions HUB. Our team is a blend of high-class business consultants, experienced in working with Forex Brokers and IT experts from the FinTech industry.

We seek to provide you with the latest technology as we guarantee you fast execution of your orders while maintaining the security of your investment. Multiple tradable assets Cross device trading platform Full security of funds Cutting edge trading tools

Want to start your brokerage firm with low risk and investment ?

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A modern platform with a comfortable and responsive modern design, the main screen enables you prices curve of commodities, stocks and foreign and digital Currencies prices in real time, with many trading tools that allow you clients to know market trends and help you make the right decisions, and many tools for managing deals and withdrawals and deposits.


With PlatformsFx CRM, you can manage your trading company effectively and professionally. You can supervise all the responsibilities of your employees, monitor their activities and follow up on their tasks, as well as manage affiliate marketers and setup your campaigns. One of system features advantages is statistical screens for all activities and for total sales.

Website Building

When it comes to building a website for your business, you need to be aware that the website should have all the necessary information, tools and resources for your services. Therefore we will be providing you everything you need and more, starting with the name, web hosting, designing, creating the content and anything else that your website needs.

Cloud Server

With our provided cloud server, you will be able to control, organize and storage data and resources to meet changing needs, you will also have a powerful physical or virtual infrastructure that delivers applications, processes information or provide data storage. With this service from PlatformsFX your company shall compute infrastructure that can be physical (bare metal), virtual, or a mix of the two depending on use case.

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PlatformsFX helping Brokers worldwide increase the potential of their business and stand out on the forex market

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Our technical team has a deep knowledge and understanding of today’s brokerage technology solutions, therefore; we can provide the most useful and creative tools which develop the brokerage strategy in the forex market, we also improve the solutions to help you to become a successful broker in the market.

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Our professional services includes whatever the brokerage needs to become competitive company in the FX markets such as: the high- end Brokerage dedicated CRM and multiple Trading Platforms with numerous integrations, also actionable business consulting services for our clients, beside many other services.

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Client’s satisfaction

We believe that our clients are our success partners, therefore we make sure that the broker is satisfied and pleased from the provided services, once the client is receiving a high quality solutions, great price offers and fast friendly customer support, then we’ll be certain that the client is going to be pleased and will recommend us to other contact in the field.


The most competitive offers in market

PlatformsFX is always providing the highest quality of services for the customers, so we always seek to make sure that the client is getting the best deals and offers in the forex markets, make sure that the prices of our services are more than reasonable. You can find quality in the best offers with great flexibility in the monthly payments.


Professional customers care

Our professional team and support staff is one of the best in the field, they will be ready to guide you and show you the latest updates on our services, we are available and willing to assist you with any inquiries or requests you may have.

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Its easy to start a business with your own ideas, but its not easy at all to be creative and smart when you deliver the concept of your products/services. PlatformsFX has proven itself as one of the most creative forex solutions providers, and the hired team is one of the smartest and most effective experts who can transform your business into a successful one through the professional tools.

Custom Solutions

Grow your Brokerage business with our custom solutions

WE offer tailor-made solutions with custom tools and individual offer. Check how we can change your business.

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We care about the success of our clients, that’s why we happily share our business know-how and guide future brokers on how to start a forex business. Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions

There are a lot of  reasons that motivate business men to invest in the forex market such as:

  • The Forex market is the most liquid market in the world, offering a huge number of financial instruments for trading with great leverage.
  • Business hours are 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. 
  • With creative marketing campaigns and professional sales team you will be having a lot of leads and traders who’ll register with your company.

Forex brokers are specialized companies that focus on the provision of intermediary services in the international currency market. In particular, they are intermediaries between retail clients and financial institutions. 

Brokers are the ones who enable individual traders to have access to trading on the exchange market.
In simple words, the whole point of Forex trading between a dealer and a client is limited to the fact that the dealer sells to the client a non-deliverable off-exchange forward contract, under which the underlying asset is a currency pair (price ratio between two currencies traded on Forex) and provides the client with a leverage for entering into this transaction, which is not more than 50 times the investor’s own funds transferred to the dealer.

Depending on changes in the market value of the underlying asset, the “winning” and “losing” counterparties are determined.

These are the most important 4 steps that makes you able to launch a Forex company:
  • Identify target audience and conduct market analysis: It is essential to thoroughly analyze your competitors and identify your target audience when launching an FX broker and developing such a business. Several parameters need to be considered, such as age, hobby, income level, country of residence, etc. Consequently, your firm’s address will affect several other aspects of your business, including how you approach platform promotion, the number of languages your trading platform supports, etc.

  • Choice of Trading Platform: Choosing a good trading platform is one of the most critical tasks when starting out as an FX broker. A trading platform is a key element of the trading process, which lets users comprehensively analyze the market situation using different trading instruments for each trading asset and perform trades. It is a whole ecosystem designed to ensure smooth, safe, and uninterrupted buying and selling of assets within the chosen trading tactics of traders.

  • Brand Development: for the FX brokerage business is a complex process, which includes a series of steps to create a brand logo that will have a unique design and stand out among competitors in the market. It also includes a unique design for all elements of the software infrastructure, including the website, mobile application, trading terminal software, trader’s room, etc.       

  • Website Creation: Creating a Forex brokerage website is the next step to starting your own Forex brokerage. A website is the face of any company and a business card that displays all the relevant information related to the firm, its products, and services. The site should be attractive, easy to use, clear, and, most importantly, informative. Users will visit the company’s website to research the company, and the first impression is significant.


To begin, you must choose the direction of your marketing activities. By defining the precise location of your target market, you may determine the most suitable jurisdiction in which to start your foreign exchange brokerage. This is crucial since licensing requirements for this kind of company vary by country.

It’s not hard to establish an FX Brokerage, due to the time and effort required to start from scratch, as long as you have the team, the forex solutions, the payments methods, then you will be ready to go online within three to four weeks after signing the agreement.


Introduction The foreign exchange (Forex) market is a global financial market where currencies are traded. It is the largest and most liquid

Introduction In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business world, brokers play a crucial role in connecting buyers and sellers across various industries. To

Introduction In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business world, brokers play a crucial role in connecting buyers and sellers across various industries. To

Traders choose to trade XAU (the chemical symbol for gold) for a variety of reasons, owing to the unique characteristics and attributes

Want to start your brokerage firm with low risk and investment ?


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