Who we are

We provide transparent solutions

PlatformsFX is a young professional Innovating and service-oriented technology provider with deep roots in the FinTech industry.
We’ve been in the field since 2012, we’ve been serving more than 5000 satisfied clients between the Middle East and world wide

Our technical team has a deep knowledge and understanding of today’s brokerage technology solutions, therefore; we can provide the most useful and creative tools which develop the brokerage strategy in the forex market, we also improve the solutions to help you to become a successful broker in the market.



 Our professional services includes whatever the brokerage needs to become competitive company in the FX markets such as: the high-end Brokerage dedicated CRM and multiple Trading Platforms with numerous integrations, also actionable business consulting services for our clients, beside many other services.
Thus, we pride ourselves that we established a company where there is a strong emphasis on respect, integrity, clarity and accountability, and where patience, dedication and dialogue set the tone.

Our professional team and support staff are available and willing to assist you with any inquiries or requests you may have.

Why PlatformsFX?

We believe that our clients are our success partners, therefore we make sure that the broker is satisfied and pleased from the provided services, once the client is receiving a high quality solutions, great price offers and fast friendly customer support, then we’ll be certain that the client is going to be pleased and will recommend us to other contact in the field.

Our proprietary technology is the best in our industry. The CRM and Trading Platform were designed exclusively to meet the needs of the industry and of our clients and ensure great results.

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