CRM | Customer Relationship Management

The most advantages of the customer relationship management system

With PlatformsFx CRM, you can manage your trading company effectively and professionally. You can supervise all the responsibilities of your employees, monitor their activities and follow up on their tasks, as well as manage affiliate marketers and setup your campaigns. One of system features advantages is statistical screens for all activities and for total sales.

The system login screen has three main advantages


New customer addition fund

The system enables you to add new customer data and send it to a specific classification within the system and determine the advertising campaign that attracted the new customer


System check-in and check-out box

The employee's name, date and time of his entry into or exit from the system.


Schedule of appointments with clients

It gives you a feature (Calendar) that explains all the dates that your sales staff set with your customers to communicate with them on specific dates in the month, day and time.

A customer-managed business management system provides many advantages for you

Details of staff appointments with clients

The state of communication with the customer

Monitor the results of communications with customers

Schedule or schedule appointments with clients

Filtering and classifying follow-ups with customers according to each employee

See employee notes with the customer and the current follow-up status with him.

The system provides a very important feature in the classification of all your customers inside the system according to specific cases previously included in the system, with the ability to add other cases, so that when adding a new case, an automatic classification is created by the system for this case, with the ability to enter through a side menu of the page Each case individually and seeing all clients belonging to this classification, and among the cases previously included within the system (existing clients / waiting list / deposits / non-interested / non-target customers / clients that were completed / non-current clients / sold clients / clients Sales department / requests to withdraw from the Etc .. appropriateness)

You can order through a special page to follow customers ’bank accounts and completed and incomplete withdrawals and deposits and their value for each individual customer, in addition to indicating the date and time of the movement and the customer’s username on the system.

The system enables you to send private messages to all customers at once or to a group of classified customers or to a specific customer, through e-mails entered on the system or to their personal mobile phones via SMS.

Managing user privileges
Through the side menu in the CRM system, there is a special section for multiple types of accounts within the system in the form of an organized table, with specific classifications and pages, where each classification has its own internal page, and the most important of these classifications (system administrators / managers / section adding new users / employees section Sales / Marketers Section / Developers Section). In each section there is the ability to add a new user or delete an old user, with the ability to filter and classify data according to the list of available labels.
Marketing campaigns section

In this section, a dedicated page displays in the form of a table of numbers for the advertising campaigns, the total value of their costs and type, in addition to the ability to obtain tracking codes for the campaign and provide advertisers with it, and a special column to know the date and time of campaign creation, with the ability to classify campaigns according to the filters that the system provides for you

Statistics Section

The Statistics section contains two pages, the first is for general statistics and the second is for sales statistics.

    • General Statistics – Shows the total value of withdrawals and deposits for certain periods, and general statistics on the status of communications with customers in addition to the ability to know the countries which your customers belong, in general or in particular for a specific campaign after choosing the name of the campaign, in addition to this the possibility to see general statistics with Filter data.


▪ For example: (the total number of deposits in a specific period / the total number of clients important to your project from Turkey for the first campaign … etc). You can easily and easily choose the filter you want.

  • The system allows you to divide sales into groups according to the branch in which it is present, with general statistics for the total sales for each employee in a particular branch, in addition to a detailed table that shows several data such as (employee name / number of clients / number and total sales / transfer rates / number of calls), and the possibility Filter daily, weekly and monthly statistics by month.